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WT2949 5 Pair Pack 1pr Each Rate Front Barrel Springs
WT2949 5 Pair Pack 1pr Each Rate Front Barrel Springs
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All Products
Product Name Model Price  
A4472 Small VCS Shock PistonA4472$3.00
A5421 Associated 20w Shock OilA5421$3.00
A5425 Associated 80w Shock OilA5425$3.00
A5428 Associated 25w Shock OilA5428$3.00
A5429 Associated 35w Shock OilA5429$3.00
A6465 Molded Shock PistonsA6465$3.00
A767 Reedy 767 Laydown Brush (1pr)A767$2.25
ADC Sound Shaper EqualizerADC Sound shaper Equalize$25.00
Aiwa dual tape deck with remoteAIWA Dual Tape Deck W/Rem$10.00
ASC1561 Factory Team Nut Driver SetASC1561$45.00
ASC7230 Ball End CupsASC7230$5.00
B2027LP L Blue Narrow RearB2027LP$16.50
B2036LP L Gold Narrow RearB2036LP$16.50
BL2000 Radial Balancing TapeBL2000$3.50
BP7055 1/4 Degree Rear Steer Bottom Plate (0700)BP7055$12.00
BP7060 1/2 Degree Rear Steer Bottom Plate (0700)BP7060$12.00
BSR 1/12th Gray Front (F1207)F1207$10.00
BSR 1/12th Gray Rear (F1208)F1208$12.00
BSR 1/12th XX Pink Rear (F1218)F1218$12.00
BSR-B4000 Mini-T Performance Pack Foam Tires (4)BSR-B4000$28.99
BT7037 4 Cell Battery Tray (0700)BT7037$22.00
CB7020 Rear Cross BraceCB7020$6.75
Custom Works Turbo Top (blueCW9912$20.00
Dans10025B Stick On Body/Transponder Cushions (1pc)Dans10025B$0.25
Deans1420 Red 12 Guage Wire (1ft)Deans1420$0.75
Deans1421 Black 12 Guage Wire (1ft)Deans1421$0.75
Deans1423 Blue 12 Guage Wire (1ft)Deans1423$0.75
Digital Camera$20.00
Eagle Thermo Stand (battery cooler)INTE2051 Thermo Stand$10.00
EFB140 Blue Shunt Laydown Brush (1pr)EFB140$3.25
EFB170 Green Shunt Laydown Brush (1pr)EFB170$3.25
F1207 Johns BSR 1/12th Gray Front Mounted Tires (pair)BLF1207$6.00
F1208 Johns BSR 1/12th Gray Rear Mounted Tires (pair)BLF1208$8.00
FL3600 "F" Standup Brushes (pair)FL3600$0.50
FL5500 Oval Slot SS T-PlateFL5500$5.00
FL5600 Dbl Slot SS T-PlateFL5600$5.00
FL5700 Tri Angle Slot SS T-PlateFL5700$5.00
Futaba 3pk Module 27 Band$25.00
HD2508 Battery Assembly JigHD2508$20.00
HD7335 Battery Tray Assembly (Pro 3 Slider)HD7335$16.50
HD7351 Pro 3 Brushless Top PlateHD7351$7.00
HP1212 Spring Steel T-PlateHP1212$10.75
INTC22407SILVER ProGrip Metric Hex Socket Set (4)INTC22407SIL$40.00
INTC22408SILVER ProGrip Standard Hex Socket SetINTC22408SIL$30.50
INTE8201T Tip for 4-40 Wrench (.05) PinionINTE8201T$3.50
IRS1167 Ride Height AdjustersIRS1167$6.00
IRS376 Teflon Coated Aluminum Pivot Balls (4)IRS376$14.96
IRS4041 Blue "Top Gun" VCS Shock (1pc)IRS4041$18.00
IRS4044 Nickel "Top Gun"VCS Shock (1pc)IRS4044$18.00
IRS4149 VCS Micro Shock Cap O-Ring (4 pieces)IRS4149$2.25
KC Racing (yok based) 7x1 armKC5200$10.00
KC Racing Co Stock MotorsKC5013$10.00
KC Racing Epic M StockKC5007$10.00
KCR 7 turn mod arm group$70.00
KCR 7x2 mod arm group$50.00
KCR 8 turn mod arm group$50.00
KCR 9 turn mod arm group$40.00
KCR5229 12 Volt 55 Turn Motor (Close Out)KCR5229$30.00
KIM105 KIMBROUGH 1/12th Tire HornKIM105$4.00
KIM207 100T 64P Spur GearKIM207$3.25
KIM208 108T 64P Spur GearKIM208$3.25
KIM211 104T 64P Spur GearKIM211$3.25
KIM215 128T 64P Spur GearKIM215$3.25
KSG1032 XCS Zero Degree SlugKSG1032$8.99
KSG1035 XCS 1.5 Degree SlugKSG1035$7.50
KSG1036 XCS 2 Degree SlugKSG1036$7.50
KSG1042 XCS 4 Cell Battery Tray Assy.KSG1042$28.00
KSG1414 XCS Gen 2 Right Top PlateKSG1414$13.00
KSG1415 XCS Gen 2 Left Top PlateKSG1415$13.00
KSG1420 XCS Gen 2 Offset Solid T-Plate StraightKSG1420$6.00
KSG1421 XCS Gen 2 Offset Solid T-Plate BiasKSG1421$6.00
KSG1421B XCS Gen 2 Offset Solid T-Plate Bias BlueKSG1421B$8.00
KSG1461 XCS Gen 2 #1 Front LocatorKSG1461$23.50
KSG1462 XCS Gen 2 #2 Front LocatorKSG1462$23.50
KSG1620 KSG XCS G3 Bias T-Plate (Solid)KSG1620$8.99
KSG1621 KSG XCS G3 Single Slot T-PlateKSG1621$8.99
KSG1622 KSG XCS G3 Triangle Slot T-PlateKSG1622$8.99
KSG1624 KSG XCS G3 Solid T-Plate (Straight)KSG1624$8.99
KSG1636 KSG XCS G3 T-Plate SpacersKSG1636$3.99
KSG2130 XCS Heatsink Top Plate (Right)KSG2130$14.50
KSG2131 Heatsink Top Plate (Left)KSG2131$14.50
KSG2150 Solid Traction T-plateKSG2150$7.50
KSG2151 Single Slot Traction T-plateKSG2151$7.50
KSG2157 Offset Double Slot Traction T-plateKSG2157$7.50
LE900 Executioner Chassis KitLE900$145.00
LE901 Executioner Chassis PlateLE901$60.00
LE904 Executioner Slider PlateLE904$10.00
LE906 Executioner Lower Pod PlateLE906$13.00
LE912R.5 Hangman, Lightning .5 Bottom PlateLE912R.5$15.00
LE922 Hangman, Executioner, Lightning CrossbraceLE905$12.00
LNS1168 Lunsford 1 7/8in TI Turnbuckle (1pr)LNS1168$8.00
LRP Pulsar 2 chargerLRP Pulsar 2 charger$45.00
LXI dual tape deckDual Tape Deck$10.00
Matrix M2009 Stand Up HP BrushesM2009$1.00
MIP9000 Thorp .050 Hex DriverMIP9000$14.50
NOV3413 Novak 13.5 BL MotorNOV3413$75.00
NOV4510 Novak Smart TrayNOV4510$42.50
NOV4520 Flatline Tray$25.00
NOV5639/5636 Novak SCHOTTKY Diode Motor ModuleNOV5639/5636$6.00
NOV5906 Novak Replacement Standard BL RotorNOV5906$7.50
NOV5919 Novak BL Velocity Rib Bearing Replacement Endbell w/BeaNOV5919$9.25
NOV5921 Novak Replacement BL Rotor (for Velocity Motors)NOV5921$13.25
Novak aluminum endbell with bearingsNOV5920$5.00
Pioneer 6 Disk CD ChangerPioneer 6 Disc CD Changer$50.00
PRS64104PL 104T 64P Pro Lite Spur GearPRS64104PL$6.35
PRS64104PL 104T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS64104PL$8.29
PRS64106 106T 64P Spur GearPRS64106$8.29
PRS64106PL 106T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS64106PL$8.29
PRS64110 110T 64P Spur GearPRS64110$8.29
PRS64114 114T 64P Spur GearPRS64114$8.29
PRS64118 118T 64P Spur GearPRS64118$8.29
PRS64118PLT 118T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS64118PLT$8.29
PRS64120 120T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS64120PLO$8.29
PRS64122 122T 64P Spur GearPRS64122$8.29
PRS6430 30T 64P Pinion GearPRS6430$4.88
PRS6431 31T 64P Pinion GearPRS6431$4.88
PRS6432 32T 64P Pinion GearPRS6432$4.88
PRS6433 33T 64P Pinion GearPRS6433$4.88
PRS6434 34T 64P Pinion GearPRS6434$4.88
PRS6435 35T 64P Pinion GearPRS6435$4.88
PRS6436 36T 64P Pinion GearPRS6436$4.88
PRS6437 37T 64P Pinion GearPRS6437$4.88
PRS6439 39T 64P Pinion GearPRS6439$4.88
PRS6440 40T 64P Pinion GearPRS6440$4.88
PRS6445 45T 64P Pinion GearPRS6445$4.88
PRS6446 46T 64P Pinion GearPRS6446$4.88
PRS6450 50T 64P Pinion GearPRS6450$5.50
PRS6451 51T 64P Pinion GearPRS6451$5.50
PRS6452 52T 64P Pinion GearPRS6452$5.50
PRS6454 54T 64P Pinion GearPRS6454$5.50
PRS6457 57T 64P Pinion GearPRS6457$4.88
PRS6458 58T 64P Pinion GearPRS6458$5.50
PRS6460 60T 64p Pinion GearPRS6460$4.88
PRS6464 64T 64P Pinion GearPRS6464$4.88
PRS6465 65T 64P Pinion GearPRS6465$4.88
PRS6475 75T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6475$8.29
PRS6477 77T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6477$8.29
PRS6478 78T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6478PL$8.29
PRS6479PL 79T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6479PL$8.29
PRS6480PL 80T 64P Pro Lite Spur GearPRS6480PL$8.29
PRS6481PL 81T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6481PL$8.29
PRS6482PL 82T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6482PL$8.29
PRS6483PL 83T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6483PL$8.29
PRS6485PL 85T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6485PL$8.29
PRS6486PL 86T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6486PL$8.29
PRS6490 90T 64P Spur GearPRS6490$8.29
PRS6490PL 90T 64P Pro Lite Spur GearPRS6490PL$8.29
PRS6492PL 92T 64P Pro Lite Spur GearPRS6492PL$8.29
PRS6494 94T 64P Spur GearPRS6494$8.29
PRS6494PL 94T 64P Pro-Lite Spur GearPRS6494PL$8.29
Race Prep "Clyde Brush Grinder"$50.00
RC4383 Stand Up Motor Brush (1pr)RC4383$2.25
RC4499E "E" Laydown Brush (1pr)RC4499E$2.25
RC4503 "99 Plus" Laydown Brush (1pr)RC4503$2.25
RC4504 X Cut Laydown Brush (1pr)RC4504$2.25
RCE7045 Curved Lexan ScissorsRCE7045$7.99
RE0037V Violet Car StandRE0036V$10.00
RE1001 Black Antenna Tube (1pc)RE1001$0.50
Realistic SSM1000 DJ Mixer BoardSSM1000 DJ mixer unit$100.00
RPM73372 Black Rod Ends (short)RPM73372$4.95
RPM73375 Blue Rod Ends (short)RPM73375$4.95
RPM73377 Yellow Rod Ends (short)RPM73377$4.95
RPM73395 Blue Rod Ends (long)RPM73395$4.95
RRP4318 18T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4318$3.75
RRP4319 19T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4319$3.75
RRP4321 21T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4321$3.75
RRP4324 24T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4324$3.75
RRP4325 25T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4325$3.75
RRP4331 31T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4331$3.75
RRP4333 33T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4333$3.75
RRP4335 35T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4335$3.75
RRP4339 39T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4339$3.75
RRP4342 42T 64P Black Aluminum "Pro" Pinion GearRRP4342$3.75
Scotch 893 Tape$3.00
Stereo MixerStereo Mixer$15.00
Timing Ring W/Screws Kit$1.00
Traxxas SRT Stadium Truck$250.00
TRI13505 XXX Pure Silver Stand Up BrushTRI13505$12.50
TRI7655 55 Weight Shock OilTRI7655$3.00
TRI7690 Trinity 90 wt Shock oilTRI7690$3.00
Used Stock Motors (5)$50.00
VNR1599 Battery JigVNR1599$5.00
Windtunnel Tire Guide$0.00
Windtunnel VCS Odd Rate Spring Sets$8.00
WSD1300 Deans Ultra Plug (1pr)WSD1300$2.65
WSD1301 Ultra Plug-4pk FemaleWSD1301$5.95
WSD1303 2 Pack Female Ultra PlugWSD1303$2.75
WT #3120 "V" Hive VCS Springs (5pr)WT3120$11.50
WT #3121 "V" Hive VCS Springs (1pc each rate 1/12th)WT3121$6.50
WT #3122 6# Blue "V" Hive VCS SpringsWT3122$3.00
WT #3123 8# White "V" Hive VCS SpringsWT3123$3.00
WT #3124 10# Red "V" Hive VCS SpringsWT3124$3.00
WT #3125 12# Green "V" Hive VCS SpringsWT3125$3.00
WT #3126 15# Purple "V" Hive VCS SpringsWT3126$3.00
WT 3320 "PRO" CS Spring Package#WT3320$10.00
WT Spec Fronts$10.00
WT-SG1 Shoe Goo (1oz)WTSG1$4.50
WT-SG4 Shoe Goo (3.7 oz)WTSG4$6.50
WT1903 Corvette C5R 1/18th scaleWT1903$13.00
WT1904 MC18 Stock Car 1/18th scaleWT1904$13.00
WT1905 SSR Truck 1/18th scaleWT1905$13.00
WT1906 GT40 Road Racer 1/18th scaleWT1906$13.00
WT1907 T18 Stock Car 1/18th scaleWT1907$13.00
WT1908 P18 Stock Car 1/18th scaleWT1908$13.00
WT2006 (1/12th scale) Wedge Style Sprint Car w/wingWT2006$19.00
WT2007 1/12th Scale Wedge OvalWT2007$19.00
WT2007 1/12th Scale Wedge OvalWT2007$19.00
WT2018 Windtunnel 1/12th scale "GTP"WT2018$19.00
WT2030 Windtunnel "FMT" 1/12th Scale MinitruckWT2030$19.00
WT2038 "HDF" 1/12thWT2038$19.00
WT2095 Windtunnel 1/12th scale Eastern Modified Body (SK Body)WT2095$19.00
WT2210 Windtunnel WJM "HDX" Oval Stock Car BodyWT2210$22.00
WT2211 "HDXjr" 1/12th ScaleWT2211$19.00
WT2212 Windtunnel RCK "HSI" HD 1/10 Oval BodyWT2212$22.00
WT2214 Windtunnel "HDD" Oval Stock Car BodyWT2214$22.00
WT2218 Dirt Late Model Lexan Body (1/10th scale)WT2218$25.00
WT2222 Windtunnel "HDM" Oval Stock Car BodyWT2222$22.00
WT2235 Windtunnel "MDD" Oval Stock Car BodyWT2235$22.00
WT2241 Windtunnel "HST" Oval Stock Car BodyWT2241$22.00
WT2241-W Windtunnel "FSC" 1/10th Scale Wide Body Stock CarWT2241-W$22.00
WT2242 Windtunnel "MDM" Oval Stock Car BodyWT2242$22.00
WT2242-W Windtunnel "CSC" 1/10th Scale Wide Body Stock CarWT2242-W$22.00
WT2243 Windtunnel "HSP" Oval Stock Car BodyWT2243$22.00
WT2243-W Windtunnel "PSC" 1/10th Scale Wide Body Stock CarWT2243-W$22.00
WT2249 Windtunnel "XHS" VELO Oval Stock Car Body .030WT2249$22.00
WT2259 Windtunnel "CST" 1/10th Super Truck BodyWT2259$23.99
WT2272 Windtunnel "FST" 1/10th Super Truck BodyWT2272$23.99
WT2304 Hustler Wedge Late Model Body ( 1/10th scale)WT2304$25.00
WT2326 Viper Late Model Body (1/10th scale)WT2326$25.00
WT2338 Cobra Wedge Late Model Body (1/10th scale)WT2338$25.00
WT2344 All Star SprinterWT2344$18.00
WT2344A All Star Sprinter w/WingWT2344A$24.00
WT2345 Challenger SprinterWT2345$20.50
WT2345A Challenger Sprinter w/wing KitWT2345A$29.50
WT2347 Windtunnel Devastator Wedge Late Model BodyWT2347$25.00
WT2373 NDRA Late Model Body (1/10th Scale)WT2373$25.00
WT2386 Dirt Oval Wedge Body (1/10th Scale)WT2386$25.00
WT2390 Windtunnel East Coast Modified Body 1/10th scaleWT2390$22.00
WT2392 ASA Firebird (1/10th Scale)WT2392$25.00
WT2396 R/C 10 SprinterWT2396 R/C$17.00
WT2396A R/C 10 Sprinter w/Wing KitWT2396A$26.00
WT2495 Carbide Trim Stick (fine)(New Wider Version)WT2495$33.00
WT2497 "Extra Fine" Carbide Trim ToolWT2497$33.00
WT2497 Carbide Trim Stick (Ultra Fine) Wide VersionWT2497$35.00
WT2600 Pivot Ball Insertion/Removal ToolWT2600$8.00
WT2601 Pinion Gear PullerWT2601$8.00
WT2602 T-Plate Re-build KitWT2602$12.00
WT2603 Armature Protective TubeWT2603$1.25
WT2604 Motor Protective TubeWT2604$1.50
WT2605 Stealth AntennaWT2605$5.00
WT2606 Inline Steering Block (1pr)WT2606$2.50
WT2607 Graphite Rear Axle (D-ring)WT2607$16.00
WT2607 Graphite Rear Axle (D-ring)$0.00
WT2609 Offset/Trailing Steering Block (1pr)WT2609$2.50
WT2610 "Black Stuff" Battery TapeWT2610$9.00
WT2617 Chassis Wire Clips (6pk)WT2617$3.00
WT2618 Windtunnel 37mm Shock ShaftWT2618$6.50
WT2623 Cen-Tech 6 Inch Digital CaliperWT2623$28.00
WT2625 2 Ounce Weight Strip (1/4 ounce sections)WT2625$1.00
WT2626 2 Once Strip (1/2 once sections)WT2626$1.25
WT2700 Ceramic Bearing KitWT2700$35.00
WT2701 1/4x3/8 Flanged Ceramic Bearing (1)WT2701$3.50
WT2702 1/4x3/8 Unflanged Ceramic Bearing (1)WT2702$3.50
WT2703 1/8x5/16 Flanged Ceramic Bearing (1)WT2703$3.50
WT2704 1/8x5/16 Unflanged Ceramic Bearing (1)WT2704$3.50
WT2705 3/16x5/16 Flanged Ceramic Bearing (1)WT2705$3.50
WT2706 Twelve Pack of Ceramic Diff BallsWT2706$8.00
WT2707 Ceramic Bearing KitWT2707$35.00
WT2708 Ceramic Bearing KitWT2708$35.00
WT2709 Ceramic Bearing KitWT2709$35.00
WT2711 BL Ceramic Motor Bearing Kit (1) Large, (1) SmallWT2711$9.00
WT2712 Ceramic Bearing KitWT2712$35.00
WT2725 1/10th Scale Sprint Car Wing KitWT2725$16.00
WT2725A 1/10th Scale Sprint Car Wing KitWT2725A$16.00
WT2750 Steel Bearing KitWT2750$12.00
WT2751 Steel Bearing KitWT2751$12.00
WT2752 Steel Bearing KitWT2752$12.00
WT2753 1/4x3/8 Flanged Steel Bearing (1)WT2753$1.50
WT2754 1/4x3/8 Unflanged Steel Bearing (1)WT2754$1.50
WT2755 1/8x5/16 Flanged Steel Bearing (1)WT2755$1.50
WT2756 1/8x5/16 Unflanged Steel Bearing (1)WT2756$1.50
WT2757 3/16x5/16 Flanged Steel Bearing (1)WT2757$1.50
WT2758 Twelve Pack of Steel Diff BallsWT2758$2.00
WT2759 Fifty Pack of Steel Diff BallsWT2759$4.00
WT2760 One-hundred Pack of Steel Diff BallsWT2760$7.50
WT2800 All seven 1/2 oz. bottles of Shur LubeWT2800$27.50
WT2801 Shur Lube #1 YellowWT2801$5.00
WT2802 Shur Lube #2 OrangeWT2802$5.00
WT2803 Shur Lube #3 GreenWT2803$5.00
WT2804 Shur Lube #4 RedWT2804$5.00
WT2805 Shur Lube #5 BlueWT2805$5.00
WT2806 Shur Lube #6 PurpleWT2806$5.00
WT2815 Diff LubeWT2815$5.00
WT2900 (1) Pair of All (7) Windtunnel Progressive Front SpringsWT2900$12.00
WT2901 Orange 4#-6# Progressive Front Springs (pair)WT2901$2.00
WT2902 Blue 6#-8# Progressive Front Springs (pair)WT2902$2.00
WT2903 White 8#-10# Progressive Front Springs (pair)WT2903$2.00
WT2904 Red 10#-12# Progressive Front Springs (pair)WT2904$2.00
WT2905 Green 11#-13# Progressive Front Springs (pair)WT2905$2.00
WT2906 Purple 12#-14# Progressive Front Springs (pair)WT2906$2.00
WT2907 Silver 16#-18# Progressive Front Springs (pair)WT2907$2.00
WT2908 (10 pair) pkg of Orange 4#-6# Progressive Front SpringsWT2908$20.00
WT2909 (10 pair) pkg of Blue 6#-8# Progressive Front SpringsWT2909$20.00
WT2910 (10 pair) pkg of White 8#-10# Progressive Front SpringsWT2910$20.00
WT2911 (10 pair) pkg of Red 10#-12# Progressive Front SpringsWT2911$20.00
WT2912 (10 pair) pkg of Green 11#-13# Progressive Front SpringsWT2912$20.00
WT2913 (10 pair) pkg of Purple 12#-14# Progressive Front SpringsWT2913$20.00
WT2914 (10 pair) pkg of Silver 16#-18# Progressive Front SpringsWT2914$20.00
WT2949 5 Pair Pack 1pr Each Rate Front Barrel SpringsWT2949$8.75
WT2951 7# Blue Front Barrel SpringsWT2951$2.00
WT2952 9# White Front Barrel SpringsWT2952$2.00
WT2953 11# Red Front Barrel SpringsWT2953$2.00
WT2954 13# Green Front Barrel SpringsWT2954$2.00
WT2955 15# Purple Front Barrel SpringsWT2955$2.00
WT3000 (9) Pair Pack of 4# thru 20# Standard Front SpringsWT3000$16.00
WT3001 Orange 4# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3001$2.00
WT3002 Blue 6# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3002$2.00
WT3003 White 8# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3003$2.00
WT3004 Red 10# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3004$2.00
WT3005 Green 12# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3005$2.00
WT3006 Purple 14# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3006$2.00
WT3007 Black 16# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3007$2.00
WT3008 Orange 4#(10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3008$20.00
WT3009 Blue 6# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3009$20.00
WT3010 White 8# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3010$20.00
WT3011 Red 10# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3011$20.00
WT3012 Green 12# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3012$20.00
WT3013 Purple 14# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3013$20.00
WT3014 Black 16# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3014$20.00
WT3024 Silver 18# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3024$20.00
WT3025 Gold 20# (10) Pair Pkg of STD Front SpringsWT3025$20.00
WT3026 Silver 18# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3026$2.00
WT3027 Gold 20# Standard Front Springs (pair)WT3027$2.00
WT3100 (1) Pair of all (10) VCS Side Shock SpringsWT3100$24.00
WT3100S 1 Each All 10 Rates VCS Springs (1/12th Special)WT3100S$16.00
WT3101 Orange 6# VCS Side Shock Springs (pair)WT3101$3.00
WT3102 Blue 7# VCS Side Shock Springs (pair)WT3102$3.00
WT3103 White 8# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3103$3.00
WT3104 Red 9# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3104$3.00
WT3105 Green 10# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3105$3.00
WT3106 Purple 11# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3106$3.00
WT3107 Black 12# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3107$3.00
WT3108 Silver 13# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3108$3.00
WT3109 Gold 14# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3109$3.00
WT3110 Copper 15# VCS Side Shock Springs. (pair)WT3110$3.00
WT3129PBV Windtunnel "Barrel" Springs PackageWT3129PBV$30.00
WT3150 Ultra Spring KitWT3150$40.00
WT3151 Ultra Front End Kit (long king pin)WT3151$40.00
WT3152 Ultra Front End Kit (short king pins)WT3152$40.00
WT3200 Large (Purple) Spring Buckets (12 pack)WT3200$6.00
WT3200B Large (Blue) Thin Style Spring Buckets (12 pack)WT3200B$6.00
WT3201 Small (Red) Spring Buckets. (12 pack)WT3201$6.00
WT3202 Large (Purple) Spring Buckets. (6 pack)WT3202$3.50
WT3202B Large (Blue) Thin Style Spring Buckets ( 6 pack)WT3202B$3.50
WT3203 Small (Red) Spring Buckets. (6 pack)WT3203$3.50
WT3204 Windtunnel Spring Bucket Combo Pack.WT3204$6.00
WT3205 King Pin Spacers (.080 Twelve Pack)WT3205$6.00
WT3206 King Pin Spacers (.080 six pack)WT3206$3.50
WT3207 Windtunnel Long King Pin KitWT3207$8.00
WT3208 Windtunnel Short King Pin KitWT3208$8.00
WT3209 1/8x.020 shims (10) packWT3209$2.50
WT3210 1/8x.020 shims (20) PackWT3210$4.00
WT3211 4-40 Alum. Lock Nuts (10) PackWT3211$4.00
WT3212 4-40 Alum. Lock Nuts (20) PackWT3212$5.00
WT3213 Windtunnel 1/8th in. Inline Front Axle Pkg.WT3213$16.00
WT3213-O Windtunnel 1/8th in. Offset/Trailing Axles (pair)WT3213-O$16.00
WT3214 Windtunnel Long King Pins (one pair)WT3214$4.00
WT3215 Windtunnel Short King Pins (one pair)WT3215$4.00
WT3216 Windtunnel 1/8th in. Inline Front Axle Pkg.WT3216$14.50
WT3216-AO Windtunnel Inline Axles (axles only, one pair)WT3216AO$11.50
WT3216-O Windtunnel 1/8th in. Offset/Trailing Axles (pair)WT3216-O$13.00
WT3217 Windtunnel 1/8th in. Inline Front Axle Pkg.WT3217$20.50
WT3217C Windtunnel 1/8th in. Inline Front Axle Pkg.WT3217C$28.00
WT3218 Windtunnel 1/8th in. Inline Front Axle Pkg.WT3218$17.00
WT3218C Windtunnel 1/8th in. Inline Front Axle Pkg.WT3218C$26.00
WT3219 1/4x.020 Shims (10) PackWT3219$2.50
WT3220 1/4x.020 Shims (20) PackWT3220$4.00
WT3221 Windtunnel Super Short 12th or 10th King Pins( one pair)WT3221$5.00
WT3221 Windtunnel Super Short 12th or 10th King Pins( one pair)$0.00
WT3222 Windtunnel SS (super short) 10th or 12th King Pin Kit.$0.00
WT3222 Windtunnel SS (super short) 10th or 12th King Pin Kit.WT3222$8.00
WT3223 1/8x.010 Shims (10) PackWT3223$2.50
WT3223 Ten Pack of 1/8x.010 Front Axle Shims.WT3223$2.50
WT3224 1/8x.010 Shims (20) PackWT3224$4.00
WT3224 Twenty Pack of 1/8x.010 Front Axle ShimsWT3224$4.00
WT3300 Pkg of (11) Windtunnel (CS) SpringsWT3300$14.00
WT3300L Late Model CS Package (44 pc's)WT3300L$50.00
WT3302 Orange 2# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3302$3.00
WT3303 Blue 3# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3303$3.00
WT3304 White 4# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3304$3.00
WT3305 Red 5# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3305$3.00
WT3306 Green 6# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3306$3.00
WT3307 Purple 7# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3307$3.00
WT3308 Black 8# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3308$3.00
WT3309 Silver 9# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3309$3.00
WT3310 Gold 10# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3310$3.00
WT3311 Copper 11# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3311$3.00
WT3312 Gray 12# (CS) Center Shock Springs. (pair)WT3312$3.00
WT3320L "Pro" CS Late Model/Sprint PackageWT3320L "Pro CS Late Mod$40.00
WT3322 4# BLUE PRO CS Springs ( One Pair)WT3322$3.00
WT3323 6# WHITE PRO CS Springs (One Pair)WT3323$3.00
WT3324 8# RED PRO CS Springs (One Pair)WT3324$3.00
WT3325 10# GREEN PRO CS Springs. (One Pair)WT3325$3.00
WT3326 12# PURPLE PRO CS Springs (One Pair)WT3326$3.00
WT3327 14# Black PRO CS Springs ( One Pair)WT3327$3.00
WT3328 16# Silver PRO CS Springs (One Pair)WT3328$3.00
WT3400 "Babies" 1/12th Scale Front Spring (5 pair) Pkg.WT3400$8.75
WT3402 Blue (.16) "Babies" 1/12th Scale Front Springs (pair)WT3402$2.00
WT3402T Blue (.16) "Babies" 1/12th Front Springs (10 pair)WT3402T$20.00
WT3403 White (.18) "Babies" 1/12th Scale Front Springs (pair)WT3403$2.00
WT3403T White (.18) "Babies" 1/12th Front Springs (10 pair)WT3403T$20.00
WT3404 Red (.20) "Babies" 1/12th Scale Front Springs (pair)WT3404$2.00
WT3404T Red (.20) "Babies" 1/12th Front Springs (10 pair)WT3404T$20.00
WT3405 Green (.22) "Babies" 1/12th scale Front Springs (pair)WT3405$2.00
WT3405T Green (.22) "Babies" 1/12th Front Springs (10 pair)WT3405T$20.00
WT3406 Purple (.24) "Babies" 1/12th Scale Front Springs (pair)WT3406$2.00
WT3406T Purple (.24) "Babies" 1/12th Front Springs (10 pair)WT3406T$20.00
WT3407 Ultra 1/12th Front End KitWT3407$28.00
WT3408 Ultra 1/12th Suspension KitWT3408$34.00
WT3409 Ultra CRC Suspension KitWT3409$40.00
WT3450 "Big Babies" Five Pair Pkg.WT3450$8.75
WT3451 "Big Babies" Blue .16 (pair)WT3451$2.00
WT3451T "Big Babies" Blue .16 Ten Pair PkgWT3451T$20.00
WT3452 "Big Babies" White .18 (pair)WT3452$2.00
WT3452T "Big Babies" White .18 Ten Pair PkgWT3452T$20.00
WT3453 "Big Babies" Red .20 (pair)WT3453$2.00
WT3453T "Big Babies" Red .20 Ten Pair PkgWT3453T$20.00
WT3454 "Big Babies" Green .22 (pair)WT3454$2.00
WT3454T "Big Babies" Green .22 Ten Pair PkgWT3454T$20.00
WT3455 "Big Babies" Purple .24 (pair)WT3455$2.00
WT3455T "Big Babies" Purple .24 Ten Pair PkgWT3455T$20.00
WT4000GR Spiral Wire Wrap (Flourescent Green)WT4000GR$2.50
WT4000RD Spiral Wire Wrap (Flourescent Red)WT4000RD$2.50
WT4000YW Spiral Wire Wrap (Flourescent Yellow)WT4000YW$2.50
WT4020bl Blue 8/32 Diff/Bolt Nuts (6)WT4020bl$1.25
WT4020p Purple 8/32 Diff/Bolt Nuts (6)WT4020p$1.25
WT4020rd Red 8/32 Diff/Bolt Nuts (6)WT4020rd$1.25
WT4041-1-VCS Windtunnel/IRS Shock/Spring 1/12th Special (Blue)WT4041-1-VCS$22.50
WT4042-1-VCS Windtunnel/IRS Shock/Spring Combo 12th Special(blk)WT4042-1-VCS$22.50
WT4044-1-VCS Windtunnel/IRS Spring/Shock 12th Special (nt)WT4044-1-VCS$22.50
WT4044-2-VCS Windtunnel/IRS Shock & VCS Spring Combo (Nickel)WT4044-2-VCS$33.75
WT4044-2-VCS Windtunnel/IRS Shock & VCS Spring Combo (Nickel)$0.00
WT4503 Lower A Arms (1pr)WT4503$3.00
WT4504 Upper A Arms (1pr)WT4504$2.50
WT4504D Delrin Upper A Arms (NEW)wt4504d$18.99
WT4505 Upper Arm Eyelets (1pr)WT4505$1.50
WT4506 0 Degree Caster Blocks (1pr)WT4506$3.00
WT4506A Aluminum 0 Degree Caster Block (1pr)WT4506A$40.00
WT4508 Caster Shims (6pc)WT4508$2.50
WT4509 Upper Arm Turnbuckles (1pr)WT4509$3.50
WT4510 Upper Arm Extended Turnbuckles (1pr)WT4510$4.00
WT4511 Delrin Pivot Balls (2pr)WT4511$5.50
WT4512 Brass Pivot Balls (2pr)WT4512$8.00
WT4513 Delrin/Brass Pivot Ball Kit (1pr each)WT4513$6.50
WT4514 Thick Nylon Front End Shims (1pr)WT4514$1.00
WT4515 Thin Nylon Front End Shims (1pr)WT4515$1.00
WT4516 Nylon Servo MountsWT4516$1.50
WT4517 Steering Linkage (1pr steel)WT4517$3.50
WT4518 TI Front End Linkage (1pr)WT4518$8.00
WT4519 Linkage Ball Cups (2pr)WT4519$2.00
WT4520 Aluminum Ball Studs (2pr)WT4520$4.00
WT4520L Long Aluminum Ball Studs (2 pair)WT4520L$4.00
WT4520M Medium Aluminum Ball Studs (2 pair)WT4520M$4.00
WT4520S Short Aluminum Ball Studs (2 pair)WT4520S$4.00
WT4522 R5 Upper Hinge Pin (1 Pair) NEWWT4522$14.00
WT4532 Gold .06 Front End ShimsWT4532$7.50
WT4533 Green .07 Front End ShimsWT4533$7.50
WT4534 Red .08 Front End ShimsWT4534$7.50
WT4535 Black .09 Front End ShimsWT4535$7.50
WT4536 Blue .10 Front End ShimsWT4536$7.50
WT4537 Front End Shims. 4 Pieces Of All 5 Sizeswt4537$35.50
WT4540R Gold .06 Front End ShimsWT4540$7.50
WT4541R Green .07 Front End Shimswt4541$7.50
WT4542R Red .08 Front End Shimswt4541$7.50
WT4543R Black .09 Front End Shimswt4543$7.50
WT4544R Blue .10 Front End Shimswt4544$7.50
WT4545R Front End Shims. 4 Pieces Of All 5 Sizeswt4545$35.50
WT5010 Breeze Main Chassis PlateWT #5010 Breeze Chassis ($35.50
WT5012 Damper TubeWT5012$10.00
WT5012 Windtunnel Damper TubeBLWT5012$8.00
WT5013 1/10th Scale Front BumperBLWT5013$8.50
WT5013 Breeze Front BumperWT #5013 Breeze Front Bum$11.50
WT5014 Breeze Cross BraceWT #5014 Breeze Cross Bra$8.50
WT5015 Breeze Top PlateWT #5015 Breeze Top Plate$10.00
WT5016 Breeze Bottom Pod PlateWT #5016 Breeze Bottom Pl$11.50
WT5017 Breeze Nerf WingWT #5017 Breeze Nerf Wing$6.00
WT5018 Breeze Right Pod PlateWT #5018 Breeze Right Pod$20.00
WT5019 Breeze Left Pod PlateWT #5019 Breeze Left Pod$20.00
WT8665D 1/10th Front & Touring Gray Donuts (1 Pair)WT8665D$9.95
WT8666D 1/10th Rear Gray Donuts (1 Pair)WT8666D$10.95
WT8690BLK Windtunnel 1/10th Black Front Wheels (pair)WT8690BLK$0.75
WT8690BLK10 10 pair of Windtunnel Front 10th Scale Front WheelsWT8690BLK10$7.50
WT8690BLK10 Windtunnel Front Wheels (10 pair)BLWT8690BLK10$7.50
WT8690BLU Windtunnel 1/10th Blue Front Wheels (pair)WT8690BLU$5.50
WT8690GRN Windtunnel 1/10th Green Front Wheels (pair)WT8690GRN$5.50
WT8690PPL Windtunnel 1/10th Purple Front Wheels (pair)WT8690PPL$5.50
WT8690RED Windtunnel 1/10th Red Front Wheels (pair)WT8690RED$5.50
WT8691BLK Windtunnel 1/10th Black Rear Wheels (pair)WT8691BLK$5.95
WT8693 1/10th Dish Style Touring Wheels (28mm sold in pairs)WT8693$5.50
WTLB1 Windtunnel Lunch BoxWTLB1$5.00
WTPC-1 Part ContainerWTPC-1$0.65
YD-Dots-BSR-10 Vinyl Cut Wheel Dots (12)YD-Dots-BSR-10$5.50
YD0910 Vinyl Cut #9 DecalYD0910$6.00
YD10-CapHow 1/10 Scale Vinyl Cut Number Decal (1-99)YD10-CapHow$8.00
YD10-Transistor Vinyl Cut 1/10th Scale Number DecalYD10-Transistor$4.50
YD10-VARS Vinyl Cut Number Decal (1/10th scale)YD10-Vars$4.50
YD12-CapHow 1/12th Scale Vinyl Cut Number Decal (1-99)YD12-CapHow$8.00
YD14-10 Vinyl Cut #14YD14-10$8.50
YD20PINS Sheet of Vinyl Cut Pin StripesYD20PINS$6.00
YD2C10-ChTak Vinyl Cut 1/10th Scale Car Number (0-99)YD2C10-ChTak$6.00
YD2C10-CRATE Vinyl Cut 1/10th Scale Car Number (0-99)YD2C10-Crate$6.00
YD2C10-VENT 1/10th Scale Vinyl Cut Car Number (1-99)YD2C10-Vent$6.50
YD2C12 Vinyl 1/12th Scale Car Number (0-99)YD2C12$6.00
YD2C12-ChTak Vinyl Cut 1/12th Scale Car Number (0-99)YD2C12-ChTak$6.00
YD2CN10 Vinyl 1/10th Scale Car Numbers (0-99)YD2CN10$6.00
YD4636-10 Vinyl Cut Hood/Side Flames Combo (1/10th scale)YD4636-10$5.00
YD5759-10 Vinyl Cut Hood/Side Flames Combo (1/10th scale)YD5759-10$5.00
YD8810 Vinyl Cut 1/10th Scale #88YD8810$8.50
YDFD111 Vinyl Flame Decal Sheet (4 pair)YDFD111$5.00
YDFD112 Vinyl Cut FlamesYDFD112$5.00
YDMOD10 Vinyl Cut "MODIFIED" Sticker Decal (4 per sheet)YDMOD10$6.50
YDN10 Vinyl Cut "NITRO" Decal Sticker (4 per sheet)YDN10$6.50
YDNB10 Vinyl Cut Number Decal (for 1/10th scale cars)YDNB10$6.50
YDNB12 Vinyl Cut Number Decal (for 1/12th scale cars)YDNB12$6.50
YDSK-2095-1 Vinyl Cut Number Decal for SK CarsYDSK-2095-1$6.00
YDSK-2095-CapHow SK Car Vinyl Cut Number Decal (1-99)YDSK-2095-CapHow$8.00
YDSK-2095-ChTak Vinyl Cut Number Decal for SK CarsYDSK-2095-ChTak$6.00
YDSK-2095-CRATE Vinyl Cut Number Decal for SK CarsYDSK-2095-CRATE$6.00
YDSK-2095-Transistor Vinyl Cut Number Decal for SK CarsYDSK-2095-Transistor$4.50
YDSK-2095-VARS Vinyl Cut Number Decal for SK CarsYDSK-2095-VARS$4.50
YDTCC-10 Touring Car Wheel Vinyl Caps (pkg of 4)YDTCC-10$5.00
Yokomo SP8413 Hard Upper Hinge Pins (new)$5.00
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01.WT2701 1/4x3/8 Flanged Ceramic Bearing (1)
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04.WT8691BLK Windtunnel 1/10th Black Rear Wheels (pair)
05.WT2755 1/8x5/16 Flanged Steel Bearing (1)
06.YD2CN10 Vinyl 1/10th Scale Car Numbers (0-99)
07.WT2949 5 Pair Pack 1pr Each Rate Front Barrel Springs
08.WT2700 Ceramic Bearing Kit
09.WT2705 3/16x5/16 Flanged Ceramic Bearing (1)
10.WT2212 Windtunnel RCK "HSI" HD 1/10 Oval Body
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WT4044-1-VCS Windtunnel/IRS Spring/Shock 12th Special (nt)
WT4044-1-VCS Windtunnel/IRS Spring/Shock 12th Special (nt)
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WT2249  Windtunnel "XHS" VELO Oval Stock Car Body .030
Set 13.5 Track record with this body at my local Concrete Tr ..
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